War and Earth

I’m in Japan, and the world is at war with them.

Everybody is trying to get into the same hotel. The lobby is packed with shouting people being held back by security and outside the crowd is growing.

I don’t work at the hotel but I have some kind of immunity that gives me access everywhere, like a detective on a crime scene.

Only people with bookings are allowed to have a room but people are still trying to get in. One Japanese man downstairs claims to have just checked out of the hotel but has forgotten his camera. I’m in his room preparing a special hotel bag for him to collect his belongings, I know his plan but I don’t care. He’s not there to collect anything he owns but to steal what he can. I place the empty bag on his bed with written instructions to put what he takes in the bag to avoid getting caught.

I don’t leave when he comes and watch him read the note. He looks up and smiles before starting to clean out the room.

In the room also is my girlfriend’s laptop.

“If the war ever ends, please bring this back.” I say.

I don’t care, possessions don’t seem to matter right now.

He nods and shakes my hand; I trust him.

I’m outside and next to the hotel is a crumbling building; I have a photo of this image too but I’m confused that the two images don’t match. I walk off under a tunnel of bamboo with people seeking shelter to try and find the exact angle which I can’t.

I come across an elderly Japanese man and his daughter sitting at a table. He has a very long neck and is kind of floating above us. I ask him about his beliefs regarding the culture and alcohol.

His daughter tries to stop me asking him but I’ve already asked and she puts her face in her hands as he starts to talk.

I don’t know what he’s saying but he hands me a smooth ball which is the earth. It doesn’t just look like the earth it is the actual earth.

I zoom in like you can on Google earth and can see land and moving oceans.