The noise

I’m walking down a long dark corridor. The rooms I pass are damp but not cold or uncomfortable, I’m actually quite relaxed but this feeling doesn’t last for long.

There a quite a few of us walking towards the same room; we have no choice but to go to this room. We have to show in our books that we attempted to find the dreaded noise.

In the room there are three volume controls; the crowd, the commentators, and the game. Each sound harmless on it’s own but together in a particular order reveals something unthinkable. I feel terrified to try and find the combination we are all looking for but I know something nobody else knows; the combination.

Each of the three controls needs to be at a certain level to hear the noise. Nobody knows that I know, and what’s more terrifying is that not only am I the only one who knows how to find it, I’m also the only one who knows what it will sound like.

As I turn the nobs, I am surrounded by fear and what feels like a physical presence in the room.

I am close, I hear it faintly; waking up. At this point I have at least attempted to find the noise, if I left now I would have enough time to escape before they discover that I didn’t find it on purpose.

I can’t do it. The attempt is recorded in my book and I leave.

I’m not far down the corridor before I see people behind me, following me. The people I approach are looking at me, I take a turn and go up some stairs.

As I get higher the dampness turns into a stream, and then a flood. I am now battling against a knee high flow of water, only one very large muscle bound man is following me now, screaming at me to stop.

The stairs are curved, like something in a castle. I reach the top and enter an area with no room; crackling electrical equipment is scattered everywhere. A giant leaking water tank which appears to be larger than the room is hanging above me.

“Give me your book!” the man screams.

He seems reluctant to near any further and stays at the top of the stairs; I can’t see his legs as they are under the flood of water which is now like a river.

The water tank creaks and is about to burst, the man sees this and runs at me for the book.

Just before he reaches me the tank bursts and we are covered in what feels like an ocean of water.