Everyone is thinking at me

James hated walking down the street. 

My arms, what do I do with my arms?


Looking to the right at his reflection in the cafe window he looked like a soldier going into battle. Straight arms swinging, head to the side, and a serious but confused and fearful look in his eyes.


Everyone in that cafe was looking at me and my weird walk. They all saw me looking. Put your hands in your pockets and stop looking at people.
A lady approached in the distance.


My arms still feel weird. Like I’m a cowboy. Just don’t make eye contact, ignore her.
She seemed to speed up as she got closer.


It’s so obvious that I’m making her uncomfortable, she just wants to pass me. Why are you still looking at her? Look away!
Almost jogging at this point. The lady passed. He could hear the sound of her heels slow down.


I should have worn a jacket today, It’s always easier walking with a jacket.


Meanwhile, a man sat a table for two in a cafe. George hated sitting alone.


I shouldn’t have got here so early, I am always too early and everyone is always late. I look like such a loner sitting on my own.
A full cup off coffee sat opposite him. As did a notepad and pen which gave him some comfort of looking like a a student studying.


Everyone else is with someone. They all think I’m alone. That man walking past outside was looking directly at me. He looked confused that I was looking at him. I just hope she turns up.


George hadn’t met the lady he was meeting before and was only introduced to her by a friend online.


Why am I always late? I only live two minutes away.
Lana was finding it hard to walk fast in heels.


Why am I even going? He won’t like me. I shouldn’t have worn this dress it looks ridiculous and my shoes are too loud.
A man approached in the distance.


I bet he can here my shoes from there. Just hurry up and get passed him.
Getting closer Lana started to speed up.


Oh god, he won’t even look at me, this stupid dress. He looks so awkward.
Passing the man she slowed down to a stop.


I should go home to change, or maybe I shouldn’t bother.
Turning around.
I bet he didn’t even show up.