Swimming cats and birds with bandanas

I’m at the edge of the sea and the sun is setting.

Ankle deep in the warm sea, I feel a bit scared that we can’t see what’s under the water.

I think there might be sharks but feelings of excitement outweigh my fear and I just want to get in the water.

In the distance, completely black clouds are emerging from a grey sky.

It is pitch black now and I am swimming in the dark water with two people I don’t know.

Larger than normal cats come to the surface from under the water and start swimming around us playfully.

I get out of the sea and go upstairs to my old bedroom at my parents house.

It is daytime now but the sky is completely black. My family are downstairs and we all know we have to stay inside. It feels a bit like in the movie Day after tomorrow when they couldn’t go outside because something odd was happening with the weather.

Looking into the garden through my window, I see a shivering bird land with a folded bandanna on it’s back.

It shakes off the bandana, which is actually three bandanas, and starts folding them individually with his wings.

Two more birds land in the garden and the first bird helps put the bandanas on the backs of the other birds before putting the last one on his own.

A huge tortoise climbs over the fence at the end of the garden and the three birds start attacking it.

I run down stairs screaming:

“Help the tortoise!”

Even though it is very dangerous to go outside, my primary concern is that my family will think I’m one of those nature loving save the whales kind of person.

Now in the garden, my girlfriend is helping me scare the birds away. The tortoise starts chasing us both around the garden before jumping into a extremely small tube it shouldn’t be able to fit into.