Stand down

He approaches.

Only one of us will succeed.

Only one of us will be the better man.

There isn’t room for two men on this path, it is too narrow.

The lady by his side will only elevate his determination.

As will the lady by mine.

Growing closer, eye contact is made.

We are of equal size.

The sound of drops on my umbrella resemble an anxious crowd of spectators.

He looks taller now.

He has made up his mind.

I don’t have much time, only a few steps until we meet.

Drawing first, his arm lifts.

It’s too late, he has beaten me.

Nodding as we pass, his nod is a nod of dominance.

Mine is a nod of defeat.

My umbrella ducks under his, into the space that has been gifted to me.

The door has been opened.

Held open for me.

By a better man.

Until next time.