Snowy beach

I’m at a beach house and the streets are dusted with sand.

There are a group of people playing basketball and I want to play but the last time I touched the ball someone punched me in the face.

Me and my friend know we shouldn’t but we interrupt the game and start throwing the ball around. I run into the house and go upstairs, I can see a giant tidal wave coming in the distance.

I slide down a white flag and run towards the beach where my dad is with a Jamaican man throwing a frisbee around.

There are loads of boomerangs on the sand and I pick one up and throw it towards the ocean. It comes back at me and hits my hand quite hard but doesn’t really hurt. The Jamaican man says something to me but he is really small, about the size of the Frisbee and I can’t hear what he’s saying.

There is a blanket of snow on the beach and I can see sand sprinkled on top.

Everyone I can see has buttons where their eyes should be and are all looking for round objects to throw around.