Indoor mountain rocks

I’m with my cousin Nick who is challenged to a dance off by a teenage boy. Nick agrees but runs away. I pay £80 for a round of drinks for my Mum and Dad and I feel a bit sick that I’ve spent so much so quickly.

I go looking for Nick and find him at football park where many five a side games are being played. Nick is looking for the secret passage that we have to go through.

Nick is talking to a player that has just been subbed; he’s trying to find out if he knows where the passage is.

“I’m actually a scout for Manchester City.” Nick says.

Confused why he thinks he has to lie to find out, I ask someone who looks like they work at the park. He points to a building in the centre of the park that has a cave in the wall.

“Everyone knows where the passage is, it’s the first thing you learn when you join.” The man says.

I signal to Nick and we go into the cave.

There are no steps but a maze of large damp rocks that we are climbing up. It gets really tight and I start to think I might get stuck.

We finally get to the top and there is a steep wooden rope bridge going up towards a mountain where my parents are at still enjoying the drinks I bought.

I start going across the bridge but my legs start moving really slowly. I can’t move and just lay on the bridge trying not to fall off.