Story – Broken light

I was walking to work today and I stopped at a pedestrian red light.

It takes me half an hour to walk to work so I quite like stopping here.

I always see people running across the road, dodging cars, just to get to wherever they’re going a little bit sooner.

I saw two men in suits both holding leather bound binders appearing to compete in who could walk fastest and more importantly down the road I would soon be walking down.

His expressions changed as the other man was clearly trying to explain something. He appeared engaged in the story, but didn’t once shift his gaze from looking forward, like he was more important.

I shuddered at the thought of that being my future.

Still waiting for the light to turn green, I could feel the tight shirt and trousers under my bright green hoodie which I wore as a way to disguise the truth from myself. The truth being that I too was on that same path.

It was this moment when I thought; I’m going to write about this later.

But how will it end?

The light turned green.

Everyone else waiting had already risked near death at this point, I was the only one who remained.

I didn’t move.

Is this how my story will end? Do I turn around and go home? What a great ending

Now I’m sitting here writing this story.

Checking the time.


Better start work now.

It would have been a good ending