An underwater train and Doctor Who cameras

I’m on a dark train filled with people.

To the left of me is the ocean and a big brick wall acting as a barrier. You can’t see the ocean due to the wall but you know its there from the waves crashing against the barrier almost flowing over the top. The water is turquoise but also crystal clear, like the Caribbean.

Each wave crash is getting bigger and bigger. The carriage cheers as water goes over the wall onto the train making a loud bang.

Every following wave is flowing over the wall and the sound of the crashing water is getting louder and louder until a giant wave covers the whole train.

The train is still on the track but completely submerged in water. I can see water on the windows and the sound of the train is muffled and very faint.

It is now pitch black as the train descends into a steep tunnel.

I get off the train and am excited to be on the journey I am on; I start walking towards a building.

Inside the building is all my friends from school and my brother. They’re all looking at their camera phones.

“Pete, check this out” says Mike.

He puts a sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who against the camera of his phone and rotates it around.

“Just imagine its like a joy stick on a game driving around.”

The photo on the phone rotates around and everything in all directions from the person taking the camera can be seen on photo.

This is amazing, I can’t wait to show Inga.

I go to work and I’m in the break out area, I walk towards my desk.

Realising I’m completely naked, I grab an empty box to cover my ass and run towards my clothes.

Chris is holding the door shut not letting people in.

“They want to kill us.”

Trying desperately to put my clothes on before I have to battle, I notice my face feels incredibly stretched.

I can’t talk properly and go to a mirror.

There is a huge lump on my cheek and as I push it back in, I feel fluids being dispersed around my face and head.