25 August 2015 – Secret button at pedestrian light for blind people

Update: ¬†Following posting this I have found out that this is not secret and I’m probably the last person to figure this out. Anyway…

I’m standing at a completely empty road crossing waiting for the green man.

Usually I would cross but there is a man with his two young sons on the other side of the road trying to teach them about road safety.

The only thing I gain from this besides the knowledge that I am better than the pricks that cross at a red light in front of children, is that I have perhaps helped a parent teach their child not to cross the road when the man is red; but this time I have gained so much more.

All three of them have their hands under the yellow box with the button on; due to the no traffic I catch the end of the conversation.

“So blind people know when the light is green.”

Intrigued, I put my hand under the box and feel a button.

I don’t think I’ve ever been quite excited for the light to turn green because I only caught the end of the conversation, I don’t know what the button is going to do.

I also don’t really want them to know I was listening but its quite obvious because we are standing opposite each other and I have my hand under the box, mimicking his child.

The light turns green and the button starts twisting:


I can’t help but feel for this button at every crossing now and next time someone asks me what blind people do at crossings, I won’t incorrectly tell them that they probably listening for the buzz of the light turning green.


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