20th August 2015 – Confronting my smoking neighbour

I live in a ground floor studio flat which has direct access to a communal garden which no one shares, its basically my garden. It’s my garden.

I used to smoke and used my garden as an ash tray but having quit a year ago my garden has been cigarette free for, well, a  year.

Recently I noticed quite a few cigarette ends building up and a few actually on the steps and on the bit directly outside my door.

There is a flat above mine and I often hear their window which faces the garden, open and shut. I also smell smoke sometimes but that doesn’t really bother me.

I decided to confront this neighbor and I absolutely hate confronting people, so much!

In my head, everyone I have to confront is an angry drunk who will beat me up.

On the way back from checking my meter reading, coincidentally the window above me opened and I saw an arm resting out. I stayed there for a bit and saw some ash fall down.

Now or never.

My Hertfordshire not quite posh and not quite London voice turned into a tough but understanding polite Londoner.

“Excuse me mate.”

No response, his arm retracts and I can hear whispering. Luckily he can’t see the terror in my face.

Please respond.

I hope I won’t have to resort to plan B which is collecting the cigarettes and leaving them on his door step, really don’t want to start a feud. I will really do that, I am very unconfrontational but when I do confront someone I tend to overreact if it doesn’t go my way.

“Do you mind not throwing your cigarettes into my garden.” MY garden!

A skinny head pops up, a student I think.

“Sorry, really need to get an ash tray. I’ll come pick them up now.”

Interesting, I’m the scary one.

“Thats ok, I used to use it like that too. But now I don’t smoke anymore its a bit annoying.”

Don’t appear too nice.

He says cheers or something, can’t remember, then a few minutes later I hear plastic bag noises outside my window.

I think he’s out there picking them up but I don’t want to be seen peeking throw my blinds.

After the noises stop, I peek and all the cigarette ends have gone. Oh yea!