…to my website.

I feel a bit funny when I have a something in my head I can’t stop thinking about. This website is basically for me to get it all out so I have a nice clean and empty brain.

I like trying to make small things look like big things by taking photos of stuff on the beach to look like mountains, landscapes, waterfalls etc. I also like taking photos of anything that looks a bit unusual.


Southerdown Beach

Don’t take anything on this website too seriously; just relax, like this photo of me on a beach in Menorca with a can of beer.



Lastly I’d like to leave you with the first creative thing I ever wrote.

Bees won’t sting you on a cloudy day.

I’m not sure what I meant by this, I just liked the way it sounded and by the way they do sting you when it’s cloudy.

Why did I mention this pointless comment on the homepage of my website?

Because I think that pointlessness should be incorporated into every day of our lives because if everything had a point then life would just be one big organised stiff piece of wood that gave annoying splinters.

Some nice miniature photography>>>